Our Newest Interior Design Crush? Customizable Glow in the Dark Wallpaper & Wall Mural collection – Luminos!

Did you have glow in the dark constellations on your ceiling as a kid? Or did you covet the ones your next door neighbor had? Our new 100% customizable wallpaper collection called LUMINOS will bring back your love of things that glow in the dark, but with a modern, beautiful aesthetic.

Each glow in the dark paper is printed using glow in the dark ink. Once the inks are charged by typical room lighting or sunlight, certain sections of each print will glow for a few hours before gradually fading. So you needn’t worry about sleeping in a crazy glowing room – these just make the act of turning of the lights a wee bit sweeter.

Customize to your favorite design or theme

Why limit your creativity when you can have your favorite design or a mural that can actually glow-in-dark! Choose from various designs like floral, damask, stripes, abstract to any image of your choice.

Made with love in Chennai

right from the concepts, designing and manufacturing we do it all at namma Chennai. Why look for the world when the world is right here… 

Quality Assurance

with a clear 1 year unconditional service warranty to all our customers. All customized wallpapers undergo a strict quality check before we supply them to the market.

Glow for 2 hours

Yes, you read it right! The glow stays for about 2 hours in the dark. Which means you can save electricity & your cost on the zero or night lights. 



Choose from over 1 lakh designs across over 500+ globally sourced & handpicked wallpaper catalogs.

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